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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Unconditional - Park Sang Chul
traslated by EHwaN
(Jja ra jja ra Jja Jja Jja~, Jja ra jja ra Jja Jja Jja~♫)
(I will run to you unconditionally)
(Jja jja ra jja ra jja ra Jjan! Jjan! Jjan!~)
If you need me, call me. I will run to you anytime.
It's OK either the day or night. I will run to you.
If other guys call me, I will think for a long time.
But if you call me, I will run to you unconditionally.
(jjajjara jjarajjra jjan jjan jjan~)
My love for you is unconditional~ unconditional~♫
My love for you is such like a special excpress~~.
Even though I have to go across the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean, I will do that.
If you call me I will run to you.
I will run to you unconditionally~♬

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dialogue made by EHwaN

Returning good for evil

Narration : Once upon a time two guys meet at a log bridge...

A : Wow!! Who you are~babe~

B: Oops.. You... are... u.... Oh my god!!

A: Yeah~ I am. As you know, you killed my father!!

B : Ah~ I could catch on you. But,, that was accident. Mistake!!

A: Shut up, man~!! I have been waiting this moment for 10 years. Now it is a break to kill you~!! I gave up eating and drinking. I exercised and had hard training everyday to kill you and,, to revenge on my father! Are you ready to go hell?

B: Haha~ Don't push your luck! You have good guts!

A: Shut up again!! Hey guy~ It's time to kill you Just select the weapon. What would you choose? a gun? a sward? a cannon? or... my cooties?? The whole nine yard!! Hahaha!!

B: Wait, wait.. Look.. Hmm...........

A: What are you doing now? Are you afraid?

B: Hmmm.. I have to be straight with you. If,, you had been prepared to revenge for 10 years, you don't have a girlfriend now, right?

A: Hm.. Yes, that's true.

B: So.. wait

(Then B shows A a picture ; a beautiful woman.)

B: I know this girl. She is so funky and also yuppie~. I think she would be cut out to your girlfriend. Maybe you'll be jazzed up!

A: Hmm... Show me the picture in detail.

B: She is curvacious and has much money!

A: Hmm... Ok! I'll buy your proposal.

B: Great! What is your phone number? I'll call you tonight and let's meet this weekend. I'll tell you the place we'll meet. You'll be satisfied with her very much.

A: Good. You are good guy. See You~!!

Narration : So.. B returns good for evil. ; also Happy Ending,,maybe^^;;

Dialogue made by EHwaN

“Smart Kid”
※ Characters - Robber (R); Kid (K)
R: Hey. Heydily-ho, babe!
K: Hi
R: What are you doing now?
K: I’m eating melba toast. Would you…?
R: Thanks.
K: Are you a hobo?
R: Hmm…Actually me parents abandoned me. I was a hobo (so sad). By the way, give me your money. I’m a robber. Can’t you see the gun?
K: Oh my god.
R: Hold your hands up and give me your wallet.
K: Keepaway! Keepaway!
R: No! Please give me my wallet!
R: Sweet Georgia Brown! There is no money. Are you a neglecterino?
K: Well, I live in a foster home. My parents are stingy. They don’t give me money at all. Hmm…
wait a second. Hoist your flag!
R: What? (Looks down at his clothing)
K: Get my cooties! Get my cooties!
R: Oh, shoo! Shoo!
K: Put the gun down! Put the wallet down!
R: Oh. You’ve very powerful cooties. I can’t see.
Naration : So the child could escape from the robber. -Happy ending,, maybe^^

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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I wanna bE.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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